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Are you having trouble introducing your dog to other dogs?

Do you want to come home to a tired happy dog after Work?

At Canine Domain we understand how difficult it is to find time for your dog’s needs. With our help, you can finally stop worrying about leaving your dog home all day while you’re at work. Our day camp is designed to help your dog achieve mental and physical wellness. We incorporate enrichment and social activities that fulfill your dog’s biological, instinctual, mental, and physical needs. By providing these outlets, your dog will become a calm well-mannered companion at home. Our camp is open 5 days a week & features convenient hours so campers can enjoy lots of organized enrichment activities with our dog-loving staff. To better serve our campers and ensure they all feel safe, happy and comfortable, we have a limit of 15 dogs per day.

The activities are selected depending on your dog’s breed, temperament, age, and energy level.

30.00 usd FULL DAY

20.00 usd HALF DAY

Canine Domain ensures that your dogs will feel right at home. All of our 5×8 kennels come with a privacy panel to avoid barking and fence fighting between neighbors. Boarding guests are given frequent potty breaks to avoid any accidents, especially for those being potty trained at home. We also provide a calming soundtrack to make sure our guests get the utmost comfort and tranquility.

– 35.00 usd per day
– 25.00 usd for second/third dog per day
– Includes half day of day camp
– 5.00 usd extra for a full day camp
– 3.00 usd for kongsicles
– 2.50 usd to be fed with enrichment toys

Cristy has traveled across the nation to expand her knowledge on proper socialization, bringing these techniques to the Southwest.

Whether your dog is fearful, anxious or stressed around other dogs, she is able to incorporate a variety of approaches to improve your dog’s social issues.

At Canine Domain we strive to exercise your dog’s social instinct. Socializing your dog will allow them to build and maintain good confidence around other dogs, giving you peace and tranquility in public outings.

Structured socialization is not the same as Day camp. Each session is curated to specifically meet your dog’s social needs. Every dog has its own temperament which is key in designing a uniquely tailored social session. Through each session, you will be taught how to be an advocate for your dog and how to read canine body language. This will give you the proper set of skills needed in everyday situations.

Whether your dog has been banned from Daycare or has had issues in public, Canine Domain’s socialization program is just what your dog needs to be a balanced canine.

30.00 usd per day

We offer transportation services for the west El Paso area only. All dogs are safely transported in travel crates.

20.00 usd for Round Trip
10.00 usd for pick up OR drop off

Training Programs

So Help Me Dog

Are you struggling to get your dog to calm down? Don’t know how to stop him from pulling, jumping, or barking?

Program includes: 

Two Day Training lessons to give you a head start. During these two days, your dog will go to school throughout the day. Each day training lesson is a week apart. Your dog will learn proper social manners around other dogs and people. There will be homework assigned to practice one on one with your pet at home.

2 Private Lessons (2 hours each) to review everything your dog has learned and to better your understanding of the training. This will guide you through each exercise so you can apply these training tips at home.

All training tools and materials will be provided at the end of the first day.


375 usd for Puppies 6 months and under

475 usd for adult dogs 7 months and over

Good Dog Gone Bad

If your schedule is too busy for training, this program is for you! Why not get a jump start and let us take care of the hardest part? This program will give you all the benefits of one on one training in half the time, thanks to the initial training boost done during your dog’s stay with us.

 Program Includes:

Four-day program where we help speed up the training process while you maintain your busy schedule. Your dog will stay with us for three nights and one day as he partakes in our extensive training bootcamp.

One go-home Lesson (1.5 – 2 hours). This will help transfer all the skills you need to keep a successful training experience. The lesson will be held on the day your dog goes back home.

One Follow Up Day (usually 1-2 weeks later).

All training tools and materials will be provided at the end of your dogs stay with us.


425 usd for Puppies 6 months and under

625 usd for adult dogs 7 months and over

Bad to the Bone

During his stay with us, your dog will be going through an intense boot camp where he will learn manners around people and other dogs. This program is for those who have dogs with serious behavior problems.

 Program Includes:

Seven-day program where your dog will be going through a vigorous training bootcamp. At the end of the week we will take the time to review everything your dog learned with us so you can follow through with the training at home. After the first weekend we will comb through your feedback on your dog’s behavior at home, allowing us to focus on specific problem areas.

One go-home lesson (1.5 – 2 hours). This will help transfer all the skills you need to keep a successful training experience. The lesson will be held on the day your dog goes back home.

One Follow Up Day (usually 1-2 weeks later).

All training tools and materials will be provided at the end of your dog’s stay with us.

875 usd

Class and packages

Puppy Pre-K

This class is for puppies between eight weeks and six months of age. Expose your puppy to new and positive experiences during the most crucial developmental stage of their life, helping them grow into confident well-rounded adults. Join us every Tuesday evening from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. You can come for 10 minutes or the entire hour!

Investment 150 usd

Leashin’ La Vida Loca

This class is for our training Alumni only. Join us every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

If your dog has completed any of our training programs, so that you can gain better handling skills and build an even better relationship with your dog.

Investment 5 usd

Day Camp Packages

120 usd for a 5-day package 

225 usd for a 10-day package 

420 usd for a 20-day package

Day Camp Pass

420 usd for a single dog home 
675 usd for a two dog home 
This pass allows monthly access to our camp and will expire 30 days after purchase date.